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Cast Bullet Engineering (C.B.E.) Bullet Moulds

Cast Bullet Engineering offer precision manufactured brass bullet moulds with over 500 different bullet designs covering most modern and obsolete calibres. Rifle calibres up to 300gr weight are available in 2 cavity moulds while heavier designs are in single cavity only.
Pistol bullet styles up to .45 calibre can be supplied in 1, 2 and 3 cavity moulds.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] CBE brass moulds require less maintenance than cast iron moulds and, once broken in, require less warm up time then other moulds.
[Bullet] CBE moulds are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship or defective materials for 12 months.
[Bullet] All CBE moulds are machined to suit Lee or RCBS type handles.
[Bullet] Custom moulds to your design available just send email for a quotation.
[Bullet] Diameters and weights are based on samples cast from Lyman # 2 alloy - unless otherwise stated.



3-001Single cavity brass mould (up to 0.56" -14.25mm diameter)AUD$0.00USD$0.000.40
3-002Single cavity brass mould (over 0.56" - 14.25mm diameter)AUD$0.00USD$0.000.52
3-003Double cavity brass mould (standard brass blocks)AUD$0.00USD$0.000.50
3-004Triple cavity brass mould (pistol and short rifle designs)AUD$0.00USD$0.000.00
3-007Top punch to suit Lyman or RCBS luber/sizerAUD$0.00USD$0.000.00

GC = Gas CheckPB = Plain BaseBB = Bevel Base
FN = Flat NoseNP = Nose PourPP = Paper Patch
RN = Round NoseHEB = Heeled Base (Outside Lubricated)
WC = Wad Cutter* = Pure Lead UsedC&B = Cap & Ball
TL = Tumble LubeSWC = Semi-Wad Cutter
CON = ConicalDE = Double EndedTC = Truncated Cone

Adjustable weight nose pour paper patch mould Design List

Special order moulds - delivery time 10-12 weeks
& Data
7-458-PP45/70 -> 45/120N/a
7-45B-PP0.450" 450/577 Martini Henry - 45 BritishN/a
7-50B-PP50 BritishN/a

Mould Design List

Note that this is only a partial listing! If you don't see what you want just drop us a line!
Note 1st group of 3 numbers are the nominal diameter.
& Data


7-735-73512 GAUGE PARADOX

7-730-900900gr FN


7-585-750750gr RN 577
7-585-700700gr FN 577
7-585-650650gr RN 577
7-585-600600gr FN 577
7-585-480480gr RN 577 SNIDER




7-54-SHPSA?Gr 54 SHARPS No. 2

7-520-500500gr PB RN
7-520-460460gr PB RN

7-512-975975gr GC .50 BMG
7-512-580580gr PB RN
7-512-490490gr PB RN
7-512-400400gr PB RN
7-512-340340gr PB FN
7-512-320320gr PB RN

7-510-510510gr PB 500 JEFFERY

7-502-325325gr GC FN 50 AE
7-502-265265gr HOLLOW BASE

7-477-520520gr PBN/a

7-476-285285gr BB 475 LINEBAUGH
7-476-?PB Heeled or hollow base (special order) true copy of 476 Webley

7-473-290290gr PB NOSE POUR

7-467-525525gr PBN/a

7-462-510510gr PB FN
7-462-500500gr PB FN
7-462-460460gr PB FN 450/577 Martini Henry rifle bullet
7-462-420420gr PB FN 450/577 Martini Henry carbine bullet

7-459-480480gr GC FNN/a
7-459-450450gr PB FNN/a

7-458-570570gr GC FN
7-458-550550gr PB RN
7-458-520520gr PB FN
7-458-480480gr PB BB
7-458-430430gr PB FN
7-458-405405gr GC FN
7-458-400400gr PB FN
7-458-380380gr GC FN
7-458-355355gr PB FN
7-458-340340gr GC FN
7-458-310310gr PB FN
7-458-300300gr PB FN
7-458-290290gr GC FN
7-458-260260gr PB FN
7-458-220B2 PIECE BULLET - BASE GC 220gr
7-458-210SN2 PIECE BULLET - NOSE RN 210gr
7-458-135KN2 PIECE BULLET - NOSE FN 135gr
7-458-130130gr PB

7-457-420420gr GC FN
7-457-380380gr PB FN
7-457-365365gr GC WC
7-457-340340gr PB FN
7-457-320320gr PB FN
7-457-240240gr PB WC

7-456-250250gr PB 44 C&BN/a

7-454-365365gr FN PB
7-454-340340gr GC RN
7-454-310A310gr PB RN
7-454-310B310gr GC TC 454 CASULL
7-454-285285gr FN PBN/a
7-454-280280gr GC FN
7-454-270270gr PB TC
7-454-265265gr * HOLLOW BASE
7-454-255255gr RN 45 COLTN/a
7-454-250250gr PB RN
7-454-240240gr PB FN
7-454-190190gr * HOLLOW BASE WC

7-453-270270gr GC SWC
7-453-250250gr GC SWC
7-453-230230gr PB SWC
7-453-210210gr PB SWC

7-452-315315gr FN PBN/a
7-452-255A255gr RN 45 COLTN/a
7-452-255B255gr PB FN
7-452-250250gr BB FN
7-452-230230gr RN BB
7-452-215215gr RN BB
7-452-201201gr BB CON
7-452-200200gr BB SWC
7-452-190A190gr PB SWC
7-452-190B190gr RN BB
7-452-180180gr BB SWC TUMBLE LUBE
7-452-165165gr SWC BB
7-452-156156gr SWC TUMBLE LUBE
7-452-155155gr SWC BB
7-452-145145gr GC SWC

7-451-185185gr BB SWC

7-450-485485gr PB FN


7-446-360360gr RN 43 Mauser

7-443-620620gr PAPER PATCH

7-442-220220gr HEB WEBLEY

7-439-350350gr RN 43 Spanish

7-435-425425gr GCN/a
7-435-400400gr PBN/a

7-432-410410gr PB RN
7-432-260260gr GC SWC
7-432-250250gr SIL GC
7-432-230230gr PB SWC

7-431-360360gr PB 44 MAG/444 MARLINN/a
7-431-340340gr GC FN
7-431-325325gr GC SWC
7-431-305305gr PB FN
7-431-285285gr PB SWC
7-431-260260gr PB 44 MAG/444 MARLINN/a
7-431-235235gr GC FN
7-431-230230gr GC FN
7-431-200200gr PB FN

7-430-290290gr GC 44 MAGN/a
7-430-282282gr GC
7-430-270270gr GC SWC
7-430-250250gr PB SWC
7-430-245245gr GC FN
7-430-240240gr BB RN
7-430-235235gr PB FN
7-430-230230gr PB RN
7-430-220220gr PB FN
7-430-185185gr GC FN
7-430-160160gr PB FN

7-429-210210gr FN NOSE POUR
7-429-205A205gr GC FN
7-429-205B205gr PB RN
7-429-185185gr TUMBLE LUBE 44 MAGNUMN/a
7-429-170170gr PB FN

7-428-200200gr TUMBLE LUBE 44/40N/a

7-427-250250gr GC FN
7-427-245245gr GC FN
7-427-230230gr FN PB
7-427-225225gr FN PBN/a
7-427-220220gr PB FN
7-427-210210gr FN PB

7-423-385385gr GC
7-423-370370gr GC
7-423-355355gr PB
7-423-350350gr PB

7-421-420420gr GC
7-421-390390gr PB

7-418-410410gr GC 416 RIGBY

7-416-310310gr GC
7-416-290290gr PB

7-413-300300gr GC FN
7-413-280280gr GC SWC
7-413-275275gr PB FN
7-413-250250gr PB SWC

7-412-265265gr GC SWC
7-412-235235gr PB SWC
7-412-225225gr PB

7-411-330330gr PB FN
7-411-295295gr PB FN
7-411-260260gr PB FN
7-411-245245gr GC
7-411-235235gr PB FN
7-411-198198gr DE WC
7-411-190190gr CON BB
7-411-160160gr RN PB

7-410-410410gr GC
7-410-390390gr PB
7-410-192192gr PB (LINOTYPE)
7-410-160160gr BB

7-408-228228gr PB
7-408-HBS* 140-160gr VARIABLE WEIGHT HB

7-403-255255gr PB FN
7-403-175175gr HEB
7-403-140140gr PB FN

7-402-350350gr GC FN
7-402-330330gr PB FN
7-402-210210gr PB FN
7-402-170A170gr PB FN
7-402-170B170gr RN BB
7-402-165165gr RN PB
7-402-150150gr GC FN
7-402-145145gr BB TUMBLE LUBE
7-402-130130gr PB FN

7-401-210210gr WC for 10mm and 38/40
7-401-175175gr FN PB 38/40N/a
7-401-165165gr CON BB
7-401-150150gr RN BB
7-401-145A145gr RN PB
7-401-145B145gr BB
7-401-?WC light button nose for 10mm and 38/40

7-386-HEB?gr HEB 41 COLT

7-382-265265gr BB FN

7-381-285285gr GC FN
7-381-265265gr PB FN
7-381-225225gr GC FN
7-381-210210gr GC
7-381-200200gr PB FN
7-381-185185gr PB

7-379-310310gr PB FN Tapered
7-379-280280gr PB FN Tapered
7-379-190190gr PB FN NP

7-378-310310gr GC FN Tapered
7-378-280280gr PB FN Tapered
7-378-270270gr GC FN
7-378-250250gr PB FN
7-378-220220gr GC FN

7-377-320320gr GC FN
7-377-295295gr PB FN
7-377-280280gr GC FN
7-377-265265gr PB RN
7-377-260260gr PB FN
7-377-215215gr GC RN
7-377-205205gr GC FN
7-377-190190gr PB FN
7-377-185185gr PB RN
7-377-125125gr HEB

7-376-320320gr PBN/a
7-376-300300gr GC

7-375-325325gr GC
7-375-300300gr PB
7-375-298298gr GC FN

7-373-C&BRN HEB 36 NAVY

7-370-HBS* 95-150gr VARIABLE WEIGHT HB

7-368-355355gr PP
7-368-335335gr PP
7-368-310310gr GC
7-368-305305gr * PB FN
7-368-275275gr PB
7-368-220220gr * PB FN
7-368-200200gr * PB FN

7-366-240240gr GC FN
7-366-225225gr GC 9.3mm
7-366-218218gr GC 9.3mm
7-366-210210gr * PB FN 9.3mm
7-366-205205gr PB 9.3mm
7-366-198198gr PB 9.3mm

7-360-300300gr GC FN
7-360-275275gr PB FN
7-360-240240gr GC SWC
7-360-210210gr PB SWC
7-360-205205gr BB CON
7-360-170170gr PB SWC
7-360-165165gr GC SWC
7-360-142142gr PB SWC

7-359-210210gr GC 38/357N/a
7-359-190A190gr GC (LINOTYPE)
7-359-190B190gr GC RNN/a
7-359-185185gr GC SWC
7-359-158158gr PB SWC
7-359-140140gr BB WC
7-359-124124gr CON PB

7-358-250250gr GC FN
7-358-232232gr GC SWC 357 MAXIMUM
7-358-220A220gr GC RN
7-358-220B220gr GC
7-358-200A200gr PB
7-358-200B200gr GC SIL
7-358-198198gr GC SIL
7-358-195195gr GC SIL
7-358-190190gr GC SIL
7-358-180180gr GC SIL (LINOTYPE)
7-358-163163gr PB
7-358-161161gr BB SWC
7-358-160A160gr WC DOUBLE ENDED
7-358-160B160gr BB RN
7-358-158A158gr BB RN
7-358-158B158gr SWC BB
7-358-148148gr BB WC
7-358-145145gr RN BBN/a
7-358-144144gr WC BB
7-358-140A140gr WC BBN/a
7-358-140B140gr BB RN
7-358-136136gr RN BBN/a
7-358-135135gr WC BB
7-358-134134gr WC BB
7-358-130130gr RN BB
7-358-125WA125gr FN Western Action
7-358-125A125gr BB CON
7-358-125B125gr BB
7-358-118118gr PB WC

7-357-187187gr PB RN
7-357-180180gr FN PBN/a
7-357-175A175gr FN PBN/a
7-357-175B175gr GC FN
7-357-172172gr PB RN (LINOTYPE)
7-357-160A160gr PB WC
7-357-160B160gr BB RN
7-357-158A158gr PB SWC
7-357-158B158gr BB RN
7-357-150A150gr WC DOUBLE ENDED
7-357-150B150gr RN TUMBLE LUBEN/a
7-357-148148gr SWC TUMBLE LUBE
7-357-146146gr RN BB
7-357-142142gr BB RN TUMBLE LUBE
7-357-140A140gr BB RN TUMBLE LUBE
7-357-140B140gr BB CON
7-357-140C140gr PB NOSE POUR
7-357-140D140gr FN PB WESTERN ACTION
7-357-135138gr GC SWC
7-357-136136gr RN BB
7-357-135A135gr WC PB TUMBLE LUBE
7-357-135B135gr PB WC NOSE POUR
7-357-130130gr GC SWC
7-357-125A125gr PB SWC
7-357-125B125gr GC RN
7-357-125C125gr BB RN
7-357-124A124gr CON PB
7-357-124B124gr CON PB TUMBLE LUBE
7-357-115A115gr PB WC NOSE POUR
7-357-115B115gr PB WC
7-357-115C115gr GC RN
7-357-110110gr BB SWC
7-357-105105gr PB SWC
7-357-100A100gr BB SWC
7-357-100B100gr PB RN
7-357-9595gr BB WC

7-356-168168gr RN BB
7-356-162162gr RN BB
7-356-155155gr BB RN
7-356-150150gr PB RN
7-356-145145gr BB
7-356-140140gr BB WC
7-356-135135gr GC CON
7-356-134134gr RN BB
7-356-132132gr SWC BB
7-356-130130gr BB SWC
7-356-130130gr PB CON
7-356-126126gr PB RN
7-356-125125gr BB CON
7-356-120A120gr PB CON
7-356-120B120gr PBN/a
7-356-120C120gr BB WC
7-356-112112gr RN BB
7-356-100100gr BB CON
7-356-9090gr PB SWC
7-356-8080gr PB WC

7-352-167167gr GC 351 (WSL) SELF LOADER

7-350-262262gr GC FN
7-350-242242gr PB FN
7-350-220220gr GC FN

7-340-250250gr GC
7-340-200200gr PB

7-330-215215gr FN GC
7-330-200200gr FN

7-325-185185gr GC FN
7-325-170170gr PB FN

7-324-218200gr GC FN Tapered
7-324-200200gr PB FN Tapered
7-324-105105gr 8mm NAMBU

7-323-212212gr GC FN
7-323-200200gr GC
7-323-195195gr PB FN
7-323-180180gr PB

7-321-170170gr FN BB 32-40
7-321-160160gr FN 32-40

7-320-148148gr FN GC
7-320-142142gr PB BB
7-320-130130gr HEB FN 310 CADET
7-320-120120gr HEB RN 310 CADET
7-320-118118gr HEB FN 310 CADET

7-319-132132gr GC SWC
7-319-120120gr PB SWC

7-318-155155gr GC
7-318-140140gr PB

7-317-140140gr GC FN
7-317-125125gr PB FN

7-316-238238gr GC
7-316-220220gr PB
7-316-168168gr GC
7-316-145145gr PB
7-316-120A120gr HEB
7-316-120B120gr GC
7-316-106106gr PB

7-315-106106gr HEB
7-315-9292gr HEB

7-314-190190gr GC 303 BRITISHN/a
7-314-116116gr FN GC 32/20 303 BRITISH
7-314-115115gr PB FN 32/20N/a
7-314-112112gr PB FNN/a
7-314-105105gr PB WC
7-314-98A98gr WC DOUBLE ENDED
7-314-98B98gr WC TUMBLE LUBE
7-314-8686gr BB WC

7-313-220220gr GC
7-313-200200gr PB
7-313-190190gr GC (LINOTYPE)
7-313-176176gr PB (LINOTYPE)
7-313-174174gr GC 303 BRITISHN/a
7-313-150150gr GC
7-313-139139gr PB
7-313-138138gr GC
7-313-125A125gr PB
7-313-125B125gr GC FN
7-313-112A112gr PB FN
7-313-112B112gr GC FN
7-313-109109gr WC TUMBLE LUBE
7-313-105105gr GC SWC
7-313-100100gr PB FN
7-313-9696gr PB SWC
7-313-9595gr PB WC
7-313-9090gr PB WC BUTTON NOSE
7-313-85A85gr PB FN
7-313-85B85gr GC FN
7-313-7878gr PB RN
7-313-7070gr PB FN

7-312-115115gr THOMPSON CONTENDER 32/20
7-312-100100gr HEB
7-312-9898gr WC TUMBLE LUBE

7-311-190190gr GC
7-311-185185gr GC
7-311-178178gr PB
7-311-110110gr GC FN
7-311-9292gr PB FN

7-310-200200gr GC
7-310-190190gr GC (LINOTYPE)
7-310-175175gr PB
7-310-172172gr PB (LINOTYPE)

7-309-225225gr GC FN 300 WHISPER
7-309-190190gr GC RN
7-309-180A180gr GC RN
7-309-180B180gr GC FN
7-309-170170gr GC FN
7-309-168168gr GC FN bore riding nose
7-309-165165gr GC FN
7-309-150A150gr PB FN
7-309-150B150gr GC
7-309-140140gr GC FN
7-309-125125gr PB FN
7-309-120120gr GC
7-309-105105gr PB

7-308-100100gr GC RN
7-308-8585gr PB RN

7-301-165165gr PP
7-301-155155gr PP

7-300-130130gr GC

7-298-9898gr PB FN
7-298-7575gr PB FN
7-298-6868gr PB FN

7-288-170170gr GC
7-288-150150gr PB
7-288-140140gr GC
7-288-123123gr PB

7-287-142142gr GC
7-287-125125gr PB

7-285-145145gr GC 7mmN/a
7-285-160160gr GC

7-277-130130gr GC
7-277-115115gr PB

7-268-149149gr GC

7-266-154154gr GC
7-266-150150gr GC
7-266-140140gr PB
7-266-138138gr PB
7-266-132L132gr GC
7-266-130130gr GC
7-266-120L120gr PB
7-266-115115gr PB

7-260-112112gr GC
7-260-100100gr PB

7-258-9292gr GC FN
7-258-8787gr GC FN
7-258-80A80gr GC
7-258-80B80gr PB FN
7-258-6868gr PB

7-257-125125gr GC
7-257-113100gr PB
7-257-100100gr GC
7-257-9090gr GC FN
7-257-80A80gr PB FN
7-257-80B80gr GC
7-257-70A70gr PB
7-257-70B70gr GC FN
7-257-60A60gr PB FN
7-257-60B60gr GC
7-257-5252gr PB

7-251-5050gr PB RN

7-243-100100gr GC
7-243-90A90gr PB
7-243-90B90gr GC
7-243-7575gr GC

7-228-7070gr GC
7-228-6262gr PB
7-228-6060gr GC
7-228-5252gr PB

7-225-5555gr GC
7-225-4545gr PB
7-225-4444gr GC
7-225-4242gr GC

7-203-2222gr * PB .20 AIR GUN PELLET

Round Ball Moulds

Item No.Description

7-750-RB.750" Diameter
7-745-RB.745" Diameter
7-735-RB.735" Diameter
7-730-RB.730" Diameter
7-725-RB.725" Diameter
7-720-RB.720" Diameter
7-695-RB.695" Diameter
7-650-RB.650" Diameter
7-648-RB.648" Diameter
7-645-RB.645" Diameter
7-642-RB.642" Diameter
7-568-RB.568" Diameter
7-566-RB.566" Diameter
7-457-RB.457" Diameter
7-451-RB.451" Diameter
7-440-RB.440" Diameter
7-438-RB.438" Diameter
7-423-RB.423" Diameter
7-377-RB.377" Diameter
7-375-RB.375" Diameter
7-330-RB.330" Diameter SG
7-315-RB.315" Diameter
7-300-RB.300" Diameter
7-282-RB.282" Diameter

Black Powder Moulds

Item No.Description

7-50-360.500" 360gr PB
7-50-260.500" 260gr PB
7-50-180.500" 180gr PB
7-45-240.451" 240gr PB
7-45-HB.45 Hollow Base
7-36-125.358" 125gr PB

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